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Doctor on phone at his office desk 25521 Mother Son Marae slow 1 25648 Young woman bathing 13990 Portrait Of Aggressive Fighter Punching In Boxing Gym 5280 Montage of Female Medical and Scientific Researchers 17628 Guard Watches Inmate (2 of 2) 21241 Health Care In Dental Studio With Dentist And Client 11610 Dog and Man on a Quadbike 2875 Woman taking self portrait 17226 Newborn Baby Held by Young Mother 9743 Female doctor holding x-ray with nurse 13645 Doctors Discussing in meeting room 17020 Shearing Sheep Leg New Zealand 2830 Library Book Aisle 1 24892 Medical Science African American Doctor Female Research Human Blood Testing CG 14857 Poster Smiling Girl Holding Star Fish Tropical Island Beach 8016 Girls Dancing on the Beach 10893 Fun Run Warm up 591 MS PAN ZI OF A DOCTOR REMOVING A SURGICAL MASK 18411 bones ULNAX 14309 Dairy Farm Milking Shed 1 24814 Woman Drinking Milk 2 4452 Female Researcher Working With Microscope In Lab 6278 Coronet Peak Skier 3165 Medical And Pharmaceutical Laboratory With Scientist Doing Test 12221 Man Swimming And Snorkeling Near Coral Reef In Red Sea 13106 Bare Legs Beach Girl 8723 Medical Science Graphic Statistics Doctor Oriental Female Blood Analysis CG 14856 School children in classroom 16629 Mother and Son Maori Marae 6 25586 Maori Child Playing With A Ball 2 25577 Road Rage With Angry Man Arguing Fighting While Driving Car 25628 Commuters on Busy City Streets 14741 Staff Patient Busy Medical Care Facility 6402 walk scan Man in motion focused on spine 2 14287 CU Female patient is examined by the Male Optician 16464 Baby Practicing First Steps 14244 Maori Carver 3 25587 Man Drinking Milk 1 4449 School children doing classwork (3 of 8) 21379 Young Maori Woman Poi Dancer on Marae Slow Motion T6 25574 Healthy Young Surfing Female Living Outdoor Beach Lifestyle 10646 Scenes from a dentist office visit 23909 Beautiful Young Multi Ethnic Females Beach Ocean Shallows 10540 Lamb sale 1 4320 Boyfriend And Girlfriend Relax In Resort Swimming Pool 5238 Baby & Mother 1 OFFSPEED 1651 Rugby Try 1 186 Young Maori Woman Poi Dancer on Marae Slow Motion T6 25572 School With Teacher Showing Ipad To Children 7419 Man in motion Skeleton walk scan 3 14288 Woman Working As Personal Trainer And Helping Senior Man In Gym 6210 Boys Sand Dune Jump 3 3868 Male Female Medical Team Operating Room Head Shoulders 9309 Female doctor watching over x-ray 13648 Rugby Try 3 280


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