Hi and welcome to nzstockfootage.

Founded in 2009 and based in Auckland New Zealand, nzstockfootage is one of Australasia's premier stock footage and stock image resources.

It all began when video producer Graham Elliott became frustrated by a lack of stock footage services available locally. He decided to start a small online stock footage library covering exclusively local shots, with an instant buy and download system as yet unheard of in NZ.

It wasn’t long before he realized that there was also a demand for footage from the wider area including Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

Since then nzstockfootage has surged ahead, attracting talented local and international cinematographers as contributors and expanding the library and improving the site, which is now better than ever.

And for us, this is the most exciting thing, because as the site gains more quality footage and variety, the benefit to you as a video content producer just keeps on increasing.

So we hope you enjoy the site, and keep coming back.


The NZSF Team