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ID 16152 Businesswoman using computer
ID 16602 Teacher with student in science class
ID 16112 Man and woman with blueprint
ID 17014 Doctors using tablet and talking
ID 14413 Male doctor using x-ray and discussing with patient
ID 20462 Group working out on bicycles in a gym
ID 16211 Female architect looking at blueprints
ID 16679 School children learning music
ID 20721 Female eating breakfast out of bowl and looking out of window
ID 16847 Father and son playing
ID 16860 Couple having lunch in domestic garden
ID 16014 Couple enjoying on riverbank
ID 16259 Businesswoman using digital tablet
ID 16241 Businesspeople using digital tablet
ID 15935 Couple talking near riverside
ID 20718 Female friend helping adjusting bra straps
ID 16833 Man using digital digital tablet in field
ID 16127 Woman using digital tablet
ID 16229 Family enjoying in garden
ID 16228 Woman using laptop
ID 16279 Family with digital tablet
ID 16834 Father enjoying with his son
ID 20560 Scientist looking at liquid in laboratory
ID 15953 Friends enjoying campfire
ID 16841 Man working at BBQ
ID 16160 Family with abacus
ID 16132 Father and son with laptop
ID 16044 Couple sitting at river side
ID 16125 Man using digital tablet
ID 15985 Couple sitting at river side
ID 16002 Woman swinging on rope
ID 15991 Friends enjoying campfire
ID 16035 Man swinging on rope
ID 26922 Woman showing heart shape symbol while dancing at nightclub
ID 26866 Women selecting dress and talking
ID 13697 Woman standing in bicycle shop
ID 20527 Mature couple looking at plants in garden centre
ID 16391 Couple doing window shopping
ID 17000 Man and woman talking outdoors
ID 16349 Senior couple talking
ID 16356 Senior couple talking
ID 16359 Senior couple talking
ID 13645 Female doctor holding x-ray with nurse
ID 13648 Female doctor watching over x-ray
ID 17020 Doctors Discussing in meeting room
ID 16629 School children in classroom
ID 16820 Man working at BBQ
ID 2706 Hauraki Gulf Gannets, Dophins and a Whale, Aerial
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