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ID 1371 Kingfish 2
ID 27563 Sunrise time-lapse Farm Fields
ID 27480 Drone video trees & fog
ID 31341 Ocean Beach drone over sea looking to shore
ID 27474 Flying over river past trees towards pine trees and fog
ID 1375 Leatherjacket Fish 1
ID 27365 Beef Cows
ID 1389 Fins Out
ID 24848 New Zealand Falcon 1
ID 27499 Drone Island bay
ID 1895 Bomber WW2 Plane Underwater 2
ID 3929 Underwater Diver
ID 1387 Rock Crack
ID 27363 Angus Cows behind fence.
ID 27478 Ascending through cloud
ID 31172 Smoke stack factory with dead trees
ID 31292 River banks Whanganui
ID 1382 Male Sand dagger Wrasse
ID 1388 Diver
ID 1323 Shark Blue 5D
ID 1386 Crayfish Underwater 1
ID 1390 Kelp Dive 1
ID 1380 Pigfish near ocean floor
ID 1391 Kelp Dive 2
ID 27453 Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings on Lake Taupo 3
ID 27368 Angus Cows walking to camera
ID 27477 Ascending through fog into sun.
ID 31327 Waitangi Reserve star compass birds eye view drone
ID 31329 Waitangi Reserve star compass maori elders walk on drone shot
ID 31296 River banks slow mo
ID 31409 Man on penny farthing bike art deco slow mo
ID 31339 Ocean Beach drone over sand dunes
ID 31294 Drone above Wanganui river jets boats
ID 31301 Whanganui river scenery drone
ID 31415 Old steam roller toots horn dome in back ground
ID 31293 Whanganui river pan up drone scenery
ID 31295 Drone birds eye view of river jet boats
ID 31299 Whanganui river bank lens flare light leaks
ID 31303 Whanganui river banks ducks flying
ID 31276 Wanganui river bridge to now where
ID 1367 Butterfish
ID 1379 Paua on Ocean Floor 1
ID 1896 Bomber World War 2 Plane Underwater 3
ID 1898 Bomber WW2 Plane Underwater 5
ID 27488 Arid Island Drone
ID 1897 Bomber Plane Underwater 4
ID 1894 Bomber Plane Underwater 1
ID 1899 Monument Rock
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