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ID 16841 Man working at BBQ
ID 16602 Teacher with student in science class
ID 18644 Male and female construction workers on a site
ID 16112 Man and woman with blueprint
ID 14669 Young man and woman enjoying champagne
ID 16064 Father using tablet with his son
ID 11990 Plumber Meeting Engineer In New House
ID 20685 Female friends sitting on sofa drinking tea and chatting
ID 5211 Young Asian Women Using Mobile Phone For Internet, Email At Home
ID 11840 People Hand shaking In Business Meeting
ID 12321 Engineer Talking On Mobile Phone In Construction Site
ID 17182 Mother teaching girl planting
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ID 28437 Auckland Night Young Man on Mobile 1
ID 185 Business Woman 1
ID 7416 Physician Meeting With Old Man As Patient In Clinic Office
ID 14369 Female doctor using tablet
ID 17014 Doctors using tablet and talking
ID 14413 Male doctor using x-ray and discussing with patient
ID 20704 Female friends hugging and kissing
ID 16679 School children learning music
ID 16847 Father and son playing
ID 12199 Multitasking Mother Cooking And Working Holding Little Baby Girl
ID 16860 Couple having lunch in domestic garden
ID 183 Business Cafe 1
ID 5156 Young Woman Drinking Espresso Coffee In Bar
ID 6270 Couple With Laptop Computer For Internet And Email
ID 15958 Couple camping
ID 6301 Old Woman Reading Newspaper With Husband In Library
ID 6186 People In Love, Boyfriend And Girlfriend On Grass, Slow Motion
ID 32135 4 Happy Kids Playing And Looking At Globe For Recreation
ID 6210 Woman Working As Personal Trainer And Helping Senior Man In Gym
ID 7405 Operation Room For Surgery In Clinic With Doctor And Nurse
ID 15893 Couple camping
ID 7372 Happy Couple Near Swimming Pool During Holidays
ID 13760 Family looking and waving
ID 15838 Man talking on mobile phone
ID 15935 Couple talking near riverside
ID 16241 Businesspeople using digital tablet
ID 15839 Woman talking on mobile phone
ID 15910 Couple relaxing with bicycles
ID 6164 Catholic Priest On Altar Talking During Mass Service In Church
ID 17167 Mother teaching children planting
ID 16939 Young couple in kitchen
ID 15953 Friends enjoying campfire
ID 16229 Family enjoying in garden
ID 20560 Scientist looking at liquid in laboratory
ID 24459 Blond Young Woman Smoking E-Cig Electronic Cigarette
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