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ID 19497 (8mm Vintage) 1971 Golf Driving Range Date
ID 19592 1957 - House Construction Workers Ladder Roof Foreman
ID 19499 (8mm Vintage) 1965 Xmas Tree Chop Your Own Montage
ID 19762 MIAMI, USA -1951: The walrus trainer showing what his animal can do.
ID 19719 (8mm Vintage) 1955 Hawaiian Sugar Cane Burning
ID 19478 (8mm Vintage) 1965 Cut Your Own Colorado Christmas Tree Montage
ID 19625 1958 - Preparing Turkey Christmas Holiday Feast
ID 19597 1957 - Tractor Digging Trenches For Pipes
ID 19628 (8mm Vintage) 1958 Parents Teaching Kids About The Ocean
ID 19587 (8mm Vintage) 1962 Family Shucking Picnic Corn On The Cob
ID 19723 1958 - Outdoor Picnic Cookout Party
ID 19091 (8mm Vintage 1970s) Dinner Party Self Serve Food
ID 19585 (8mm Vintage) 1962 Summer Outdoor Community Picnic Town Breakfast
ID 19417 (8mm Vintage) 1954 Dad Making Hamburgers For Lunch.
ID 19804 Man grilling food outside trailer house for wife and baby.
ID 19438 (8mm Vintage) 1968 Hippie Nudist Colony Riverside
ID 19498 (8mm Vintage) 1968 Timelapse of Yellow Flowers Blooming
ID 19479 (8mm Vintage) 1968 Jeep Stuck in Hole Rescued by Tow Truck
ID 19114 (1940's 8mm Vintage) Baby Bouncing in Chair - 3 Clips
ID 19529 (8mm Vintage) 1968 Mom Daughter Catching Freshwater Fish Colorado
ID 19777 Man testing out new deep sea diver suit in the Tennessee River.
ID 19666 (8mm Vintage) 1966 Man Kisses Women, Prude Sister Embarrassed
ID 19713 (8mm Vintage) 1966 Mom Teaching Son How to Swim Hotel Pool
ID 19700 (8mm Vintage) 1955 Waikiki Beach Hawaii Longboard Surfing
ID 19735 (8mm Vintage) 1966 Kids Diving Board At Motel Pool
ID 19668 1959 - Man Woman Diving Board Pool Action
ID 19923 COLOGNE, GERMANY - 1966: A poor man biking a large quantity of unknown goods across town.
ID 19710 NEW YORK CITY - 1944: Big man play wrestling a small man on urban rooftop.
ID 19686 1956 - Kids Excited For Christmas Hot Rod Kit
ID 5056 WW 2 Glider Taking Off Archive 1
ID 19522 (8mm Vintage) 1968 Man Catching Fish Waders Colorado
ID 19158 (8mm Vintage 1940s) Man Wrestling Alligator in Rink
ID 19663 1959 - Men Fishing Lake In Boat
ID 19631 (8mm Vintage) 1966 Bride Groom First Dance At Wedding
ID 19821 NEW ORLEANS, LA -1971: Old women childhood friends sharing embrace and laughter.
ID 19627 (8mm Vintage) 1957 Man Steals Kiss Family Laughs About It
ID 19657 (8mm Vintage) 1955 Hawaiian Hula Dancers Performing Beach Background
ID 19733 (8mm Vintage) 1965 Kid Playing Toy Model Airplane
ID 19849 BOULDER, CO. USA - 1973: One year old awkwardly walks to birthday party cake and burns himself on candle.
ID 19698 (8mm Vintage) 1957 Dad Showing Kids How To Crack Eat Coconut
ID 19776 NEW YORK CITY - 1947: Women playing table tennis as the sport started to become popular.
ID 19470 (8mm Vintage) 1965 Man Chopping Tree in Forest
ID 19992 1971: Baby hilariously working the camera on a tripod.
ID 19758 NEW YORK CITY - 1947: Table tennis matches between the sexes amo
ID 19667 (8mm Vintage) 1955 Hawaiian Pineapple Harvest Cannery
ID 19622 (8mm Vintage) 1965 Siblings Making Music Christmas Morning
ID 19617 (8mm Vintage) 1965 Dad and Son Playing Drums Together Christmas
ID 19487 (8mm Vintage) 1968 California Beach Surfing
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